Throwback: IBIE Through the Years

As we look ahead at the world of opportunities available during IBIE 2016, it’s perfect time to look back on the history of this global event. Did you know that the very first show took place nearly 100 years ago? Take a walk down memory lane with us…

1897: The American Bakers Association (ABA) was established in 1897 as the Association of Master Bakers in Boston

1918: BEMA was founded—members were primarily family-owned, U.S.-based equipment manufacturers selling to the U.S. wholesale baker

1920: BEMA hosted a bakery exposition in Atlantic City

1922: The second show was hosted in Chicago

1925: BEMA took the show to Buffalo

1930: The show returned to Atlantic City

1936: BEMA hosted another show in Atlantic City, where attendance reached 7,000 and numbered 170 exhibitors

1949: BEMA joined with the American Bakers Association (ABA) to sponsor the 1949 Bakery Expo, which drew 271 exhibitors and 10,000 attendees

1955–1973: BEMA and ABA worked together to expand the expositions, which were held every six years

1961: The show drew 15,000 attendees, representing 50 states and 30 countries

1977: The show was changed to a four-year cycle

1981: The Bakery Expo moved to Las Vegas and was renamed the International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE)

1985: A new record was set at 24,163 attendees and 524 exhibitors from 64 countries

1989: The global expansion continued with 82 countries represented and the first year of the Foreign Buyer Program through the U.S. Department of Commerce

1993: Record-breaking participation 29,226 attendees and 819 exhibitors from 105 countries

2004: The three-year show cycle began

2016: A world of opportunities awaits you at IBIE 2016, October 8–11, in Las Vegas, which promises to be another record-breaking event with the largest show floor to-date in number of exhibitors and square footage!

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