2019 Innovation Showcase

IBIE puts baking’s newest advances on full display in one efficient, state-of-the-art center of innovation. Attendees can browse the Innovation Showcase, located in the Convention Center Lobby, to see new products and technology that would equip their operation for the future. The showcase includes Ingredients, Equipment, Packaging and Safety products never before seen at IBIE. This key requirement ensures attendees experience the very latest industry advancements. If you’re exhibiting at IBIE 2022 and wish to have your product featured in the Innovation Showcase, please email Mike Gude.



ABI Ltd.
BRANDER™ Industrial Thermal Imprinting System 

Launching in 2020, BRANDER™ is the result of a multi-year research and development effort aimed at delivering an industrial-scale branding solution to the baking industry. This system will offer the opportunity to extend your company’s brand identity or message to unpackaged products. It is capable of processing 12-14 pans per minute and is easily integrated into a production line of any size.
Air Management Technologies, Inc.
Chilled Process Water with BHX Technology 

Our new Chilled Process Water with BHX Technology is a patent-pending closed system that decreases the risk of exposure to bacteria, molds and other contaminants while saving up to $10,000 annually in operational costs. Sanitation requirements and refrigerant charges are reduced compared with “conventional” systems and can be integrated into Air Management’s Closed-Loop Waste Energy Systems.
AMF Bakery Systems
BreadFlex D3 Direct Deposit Divider 

Incorporating AMF’s proprietary FLEX metering pump, the BreadFlex D3 Divider comes standard with a single auger charging unit and vacuum degassing system to delicately handle slack doughs like gluten-free and rye doughs without compressing the mixture. Capable of processing up to 100 loaves per minute or 7,700 lbs of dough per hour, the sanitary D3 Divider ensures consistent, low maintenance operation.
AMF Tromp
Target Seed Strewer 

The AMF Tromp Target Seed Strewer precisely strews toppings including sesame, poppy seeds, oats, corn and more onto buns or rolls. This system saves up to 60% of toppings required compared to other waterfall or seeding systems resulting in less waste and minimal risk of dark spots on the product.
XR75 X-Ray Inspection Technology 

Protect against recalls with the XR75, the industry’s most advanced X-Ray Inspection technology. The XR75 helps discover what’s been missing, detecting contaminants as small as 0.4mm (SUS) in food applications. Optimized for low total cost of ownership, pioneering technology increases major component lifetime. With unparalleled accuracy and performance, the XR75 also provides missing product detection, shape detection, virtual weight, count and package check as standard features.
Apex Motion

The Baker-Bot, a robotic bakery assistant, can execute laborious everyday tasks in bakeries. Anyone able to use mobile apps can set up and “train” this versatile bakery robot. Typical applications include pan handling and loading or unloading racks. The robot can also perform other tasks on packaging lines. Its safe design means the Baker-Bot does not need to be fixed in one place surrounded by a safety cage.
Ardent Mills
White Sonora Wheat 

In celebration of innovation and artisan baking, White Sonora Wheat, has a buttery yellow color, sweet lasting flavor and nutty texture making it ideal for any recipe and favored by bakers. White Sonora Wheat is versatile and formats include flours, seeds, multigrain blends and IQF.
Axis Automation
Patent Pending AXIS® Half Icer 

Icing donuts by hand can be slow, inconsistent and labor-intensive. Imagine automatically icing donuts in a fraction of the time with no operator handling. The patent-pending Axis Half Icer offers the highest consistency. It maintains exceptional temperature regulation (±1°F), includes a unique “no-tail” feature and delivers sharp, clean lines, smooth texture, and consistent color and sheen.
Bay State Milling Company
HealthSense™ High Fiber Wheat Flour 

The new HealthSense™ high fiber wheat flour delivers more than 10x the amount of dietary fiber of traditional wheat flour with the performance, taste and texture of refined wheat flour. The fiber in HealthSense™ is naturally occurring resistant starch to fuel a healthy gut. Provides a clean-label fiber solution for your wheat-based foods.
BluePrint Automation
Spider 300v 

The Spider 300v is a new two-robot case loading system with vision that allows processors and co-packers to pack vertical and horizontal on the same line at the same time. Built for high speed packing and quick changeover between recipes, the Spider 300v is capable of handling standard RSC cases, three-sided displays and a wide range of other secondary containers.
Brolite Products
Pane Bucato 

Brolite’s Pane Bucato is a base used for the production of ciabatta bread. It gives the bread an open texture with a chewy crust. Pane Bucato is not derived from genetically modified materials, and wheat is the only allergen to claim on your label. Used at 10%, Pane Bucato gives one of the tastiest ciabatta breads you can find! The finished product makes for a wonderful sandwich eating experience. This ciabatta will not fall apart, even with extra sauces and messy toppings.
Bühler Inc.
CELAS, the Teflon-Free Baking Plate

CELAS is a permanent surface coating for adherent-free baking plates used on soft waffle baking ovens. It was developed to replace Teflon coating in challenging baking processes such as frozen waffles. Teflon coating has to be renewed every 6 to 8 weeks whereas CELAS has a minimum 20,000-hour lifetime. CELAS allows for cost savings and less downtime and eliminates contamination from Teflon.
Cain Food Industries Inc.

Cain Food has developed a premium fermented mold inhibitor, AlphaFresh. AlphaFresh is derived from a proprietary fermentation process producing an enhanced blend of organic acids. This process leads to an effective, consistent natural mold inhibitor while having minimal impact on yeast fermentation with a reduced use level.
Sugar Convey System with Dehumidification 

The new CAMCORP Sugar Convey System includes a conditioning package to reduce the temperature and moisture of the air stream.  This provides the perfect environment to pressure transfer granulated sugar to the scale hoppers without the concern of sugar melting or clumping that can cause plugging in the convey system.
Cavanna Packaging USA
TSL (Tray slug loader) 

Tray Slug Loader is the new system developed for cookies, sandwiches and products with decorations or enrobed with chocolate. TSL is a new numeric, multi-lane loader. It combines three different functions: fill PVC blister trays with or without lid, fill PVC trays with or without lid and feed slugs directly into the bar infeed of the flow wrapper.
Cereal Ingredients Inc.
Pea TVP 

CII, your premier inclusion supplier, is pleased to announce the launch of our Pea TVP, the newest rage and providing a clean-label plant protein for baked goods and snacks.
Corbion Verdad® MP 100 

Verdad MP 100 is a naturally fermented solution that functions as a clean-label mold inhibitor. It is perfect for commercial, packaged breads and tortillas and is a replacement for calcium propionate in products looking for longer freshness.

ONEsolution™ is a unique full-service delivery method that aligns our clients’ business challenges with the right solution. ONEsolution™ creates value for clients through our proprietary integrated delivery methodology, process-first approach and collaborative project chartering practice.
Delavau Bakery Partners by SafPro
Accent™ 6500 Sodium Reduction Blend 

Accent™ 6500 Sodium Reduction Blend allows you to effectively reduce the salt in your formula by up to 45%. Our formulations are designed to optimize dough rheology and finished product attributes. Addition of Accent™ 6500 negates the development time impact of sodium reduction, improves upon the stability of a reduced sodium system and reduces the dough stickiness of a reduced sodium system.
Doran Scales, Inc.
FC6300 with ionSuite 

The updated FC6300 with new ionSuite software is a turnkey weighing solution delivering pinpoint control over inventories and product formulations. Achieve efficiencies, maintain consistency, eliminate bad batches and reduce operator error. Search and analyze production data to drive productivity and ensure employee accountability. Track Lot ID for recalls and SQF/FDA compliance. System configurations, options and accessories for specific production requirements.
Aquagard 7350 Series Conveyors 

With an improved frame design, added features and a new positive drive option, Dorner’s new AquaGard 7350 Series Conveyor is the most advanced stainless conveyor for dry, wipe-down and wet applications. The AquaGard 7350 also features the safest chain in the industry with the capacity for up to four curves on a single conveyor.
Dough Tech
Artisan Bread Moulder

Dough Tech proudly introduces the AM Series Artisan bread moulders and sheeters to meet today’s demanding sanitation, safety and energy efficiency requirements. Unique features include a removable washable moulding plate fabric, an open-frame design for easy disassembly and cleaning, and a category-4 safety circuit using RFID sensors, all made with only high- efficiency energy saving motors and electronics.
EyePro System

MULTI-EYE integrates hyperspectral imaging, which combines spectroscopy and imaging technologies from the visible spectrum to the Near Infrared (NIR). This combined technology offers the possibility for real-time and online image analysis of features impossible to measure with traditional inspection technologies, such as advanced foreign body detection/classification and moisture distribution mapping.
Flynn Burner

The new Flynn Auditor is a separate, dedicated microprocessor that runs  bi-weekly oven safety checks rather than having to complete them manually. Taking no more than 15 minutes to complete, the results of the audit are printed out for archiving or compiled into a text file for retrieval. The device can be fitted to any oven equipped with a PLC or embedded into a new panel.
Formost Fuji Corp.
Alpha 8 Sanitary Design Flow Wrapper 

A sanitary wrapper that offers a quick-release infeed conveyor with complete tool-free disassembly that attaches to a stand-alone drive to operate while being cleaned. The wrapper itself allows for the center fin-seal and end-seal units to be completely removed and placed on custom-built carts leaving the wrapper wide open for thorough cleaning, maintenance and visual inspection.
Fortress Technology Inc.
Interceptor DF Metal Detector 

The Interceptor DF is the first metal detector to use multiple field directions and a simultaneous multi frequency operation that effectively processes the transmission and reception of multiple frequencies over a broad spectrum. The Interceptor DF greatly improves the detection of ultra-thin contaminants that are often encountered in processing lines. This divergent field technology enables a significant improvement in detection capabilities.
G&I Products
Traditional European Style Icings 

G&I Products is launching baker’s quality traditional European style icings that are preservative free made with natural flavors, natural colors, real butter and cream cheese. Our new flavors include strawberry, chocolate, cream cheese and buttercream. Ideal for the most artistically creative cake decorators who require consistent texture and smoothness, perfection every time.
Grote Company
Grote Company Robotics 

Grote Company robotics automate high-volume food assembly processing lines. Integrating with our equipment, Grote’s robotic solutions are specialized for the high-care food production environment, where we have more than 45 years of experience. Equipment is designed hygienically and with the flexibility to handle a variety of actions and applications.

HafcoVac is the price leader of pneumatic explosion-proof certified vacuums. The new Stainless Series is OSHA-compliant and perfect for use in baking facilities as it would help a facility stay up-to-date with NFPA 652 requirements for combustible dust housekeeping, the HafcoVac is ATEX-certified and carries a lifetime warranty.
Harvest Food Solutions

HarvestDSD reduces the complexity of changing market requirements by organizing and enhancing your sales operation processes. Designed with flexibility for users to handle standard distribution through complex activities, HarvestDSD takes back control of invoice, inventory, ordering and customer service.
Healthy Food Ingredients
HFI Marketplace 

Introducing HFI Marketplace™ in partnership with product developers and R&D professionals. Orders may be placed online directly through HFI Marketplace for our select line of premium, quality ingredients. HFI Marketplace offers wholesale quantities, beginning with single units up to 4,000 lbs.
Houdijk Holland
Houdijk Capper Mark III 

The innovative Houdijk Capper™ Mark III is the fastest full belt width creamer and capping system available in the market. Due to our lane expansion capabilities, row rates above 360 rows per minute can be easily reduced. The versatile system can handle fat creams, jams, mellow and  other deposit material as well as multiple product sizes and shapes.
Inclusion Technologies
Nadanut® Pralines 

Tree nut-based pralines are sold as snacks and ingredients for a wide range of finished products. However, they come with some consumer issues: nut allergens, high cost and supply volatility. Now, with Nadanut® Pralines, consumers can have all the benefits and eating qualities of pralines without these related concerns. They won’t believe it’s Nadanut®!
Inline Plastics Corp.
Safe-T-Fresh® Squareware Snackers 

Inline Plastics has responded to market demand for small, single-serve and snacking packaging options with SquareWare Snackers™, the newest addition to the Safe-T-Fresh® product line. Tamper-evident and leakresistant, Snackers come in four mini sizes, ranging from 2- to 8-oz. Snackers are perfect for small applications like spices, sauces, candies, meal kits and grab-and-go options.
Intralox, Inc.
Active Integrated Motion™ (AIM™) Bread Switch 

AIM™ technology revolutionizes bread switching by automating handling from the spiral cooler outfeed to the bread slicer in a hygienic and safe operational environment. AIM Bread Switch benefits include gentle product handling, minimal downtime, reduced maintenance cost and eliminated labor typically required with traditional slat switches or push arms.
I.J. White Corp
New-Way Systems 

I.J. White’s innovative New-Way Systems are ideal for proofing, cooling and blast freezing applications. This latest conveying solution is the answer to convey around building columns or in narrow spaces. Your products can enter low and discharge low to eliminate additional conveyors and transfers. This ultra-hygiene design has available the latest in automatic belt washing and total system cleaning.
Bake Oven Belt App 

Steel belt manufacturer IPCO has developed a multi-tool app that enables oven builders and end users to calculate energy savings and environmental benefit of choosing IPCO solid or perforated steel belts. Other tools support calculations of belt tension requirements and the financial impact of downtime. The foundations provided by this innovative app will enable the development of additional support tools.
JBT Foodtech
DSI 800 S Series Portioning System 

The new DSI 800 S Series Portioning System uses water jet technology at pressures up to 87,000 PSI to quickly and consistently portion pizzas, frozen pies, and other processed foods. The DSI 800S enables cost-effective single portion product delivery to processors engaged in school lunches, ready meals, airline food trays, stadiums and events.
Koenig Bakery Systems
Combiline plus EC roll line 

The versatile Combiline plus EC (Easy Clean) roll line is ideal for bakeries with a broad range of buns at high quality. The “Easy Clean” concept stands for shortened product change times and minimized downtimes for cleaning and maintenance due to tool-free access to the machine and quick-release modules and clean design components.
LeSaffre Yeast Corp.
Fleurage Seeds and Fleurage Semolina 

Fleurage is the first concept of tasty topping ingredients to personalize the taste of baked products, starting from a single plain dough. Fleurage “seeds” and Fleurage “semolina” will provide an aromatic flavor to finished products. Simply add Fleurage to the top or bottom of your baked goods. This product is perfect for pretzels, pizzas, breads, rolls, crackers, bagels and more.
GemPro Clean Label Proteins

GemPro® Plus, GemPro® Prime-E and GemPro® Prime-W are new wheat proteins developed for the growing clean label market. The strengths of these proteins are the unique functionality and versatility of application. From moderate elasticity and extensibility in dough systems to whipping and aeration in sweet goods, GemPro® Clean Label Wheat Proteins enhance the processing efficiency, product texture and protein content in baked products.
Mettler Toledo Product Inspection
Throat Metal Detector Enhancements
New enhancements deliver multiple benefits to bakery manufacturers, including up to 50% improved wire sensitivity, up to 83% reduction in the frequency of routine performance monitoring testing, and up to 90% reduction in the total time taken to conduct these tests, as the operator can remain on the floor using remote control of the modules mounted at height.
MiT Systems
M Cloud™ 

M Cloud™ is an innovative new cloud-based ERP system designed specifically to meet the needs of the consumer packaged goods. Developed using the most advanced tools and modern databases, it delivers proven enterprise-level solutions designed to improve performance and increase profitability. Modules include: manufacturing, ERP, WMS, sales and distribution, EDI, SBT, commissions, route accounting and financials.
MixSys LLC

MIXSYS provides adaptive mixing and process technology with the new EXTRACTASHAFT high-efficiency 3D Mixer featuring the all-new EXACTEXTRACT Phasing Shaft Extraction System in order to avoid damage of protruding parts inside the mixer during shaft process and the all new CHOPPERCONNECT Sanitary Quick Coupling System for removal of the choppers for cleaning or maintenance.
Fred D. Pfening Co.

A great recipe requires precision, but temperature control can be a wasteful process that increases cost. The newly redesigned Pfening Enviroblender is a sustainable water metering solution that controls temperature and quantity with no waste. The Enviroblender delivers temperature accuracy within +/- 0.5% with simple operation and custom configuration at a low cost.
Rademaker USA

Radini is the new word when it comes to craft baking automation. This product is the answer to your small production needs. This is a flexible sheeting, laminating and makeup process for the craft baker who can’t compromise on quality. A modular design coupled with ergo-friendly tooling and controls allow flexible production, reduced cost and delivery times guaranteeing the fastest return on investment.
Reading Bakery Systems
WCS300 Wirecut Machine 

The GenesisPRO Series WCS300 Wirecut Machine offers industry-leading control, flexibility, safety and sanitation. The recipe-driven linear servomotors provide an infinite number of cam profiles to control wire positioning, stroke length, and drop- and up-shoot. It’s designed to produce a variety of cookies and bars at high throughput while maintaining a high degree of accuracy and consistent piece weights.
Reading Bakery Systems – Exact Mixing
MX Continuous Mixer 

Continuous mixing produces a more consistent product and eliminates undesirable batch-to-batch dough variations. The MX Continuous Mixer is our most versatile mixer and is well suited for a wide range of products including pizza, cookies, pretzels, snacks, fat/sugar mixtures, batters, icings and more. It is also an ideal first stage mixer for processes that require crème up and pre-blend stages.
Reading Thermal Systems
Scorpion® 2 Digital Humidity Sensor 

The SCORPION® 2 Digital Humidity Sensor is breakthrough technology designed to measure the absolute moisture content of the thermal environment in both heating and cooling processes. It is applicable to proofers, ovens, dryers and cooling tunnels. The sensor contains a proprietary humidity sampling system with patent-pending AntiSaturation Technology™ that allows measurements in high temperature and very high dew point processes.
Rheon USA
High Speed Croissant Make Up System 

The Rheon High Speed Croissant Make-Up System, a new section in our croissant line, is the ultimate in speed and accuracy. Its revolutionary design features a continuous motion turning system that will run at speeds up to 200 RPM. The unique curling system has precise control to shape any croissant. The motorized curling belt allows for complete adjustment of the tail position and number of curls.
Schenck Process
Hygienic Side Entry Receiver (HSER) 

The Hygienic Side Entry Receiver (HSER) filter meets the challenging requirements for sanitation and inspection in food related industries. A horizontal cartridge filter, the HSER is ideally suited for low-headroom applications under pressure or vacuum and is primarily used as a filter receiver at the end of a pneumatic conveying system to separate the product being conveyed from the convey air.
Schubert North America
Schubert Flowpacker 

The Lightline Flowpacker combines a Pickerline and a Flowmodul in one system for packing products or trays into flow packs. Depending on the application, four sealing technologies are available. These include our patented sealing technology for especially heat-sensitive products. Individually designed robot tools are easily interchangeable for new product formats. The system can be expanded through additional sub-machines and up to six F4 robots per module.
Selas Heat Technology Company LLC
Packaged Burner Line 

For more than a century, Selas has supported bakers with combustion solutions. We now offer a full line of packaged burners for direct (convective) and indirect baking applications. Combined with our ribbon, infrared, premix, nozzle mix and packaged burner options, Selas believes it has the heat profile needed for baking, frying, boiling, toasting, marking, singeing or heating.
Shaffer – a Bundy Baking Solution
AccuTech Pan Oiler 

Shaffer’s new AccuTech Pan Oiler provides the most accurate spraying technology available for release agents. It has been engineered to minimize waste, improve sanitation and reduce maintenance time. The advanced programming allows for precise control over the amount, rate and pattern of release agent application and provides real-time spray verification.
Shick Esteve
Clarity™ IIoT 

Clarity™ by Shick Esteve provides clarity of data in a contextual format, allowing customers to make real-time decisions that will maximize their production. Clarity™ IIoT is a cloud or server-based software that provides the ultimate in system performance monitoring and data collection. Information is digitized and delivered in a manner that allows real-time analysis leading to increased uptime and productivity.
Shuffle-Mix B.V.
Shufflemixer 100 

Shufflemixer combines a continuous aerator machine with a powerful mixer. It makes it easy to decorate patisserie products, cakes, desserts and cream aeration in minimal time. Repeatedly achieve the same high-quality results. Keep production running continuously with a pumping system that draws in cream or dough and aerates it in a constant stream, making it ready to apply. This all-in-one continuous aerator and industrial cream mixer allows companies to work more quickly and produce better results for less money.
Sottoriva America, Inc.
Zero 10 Piston Automatic Divider 

The Sottoriva ZERO 10 industrial bread pizza dough divider is a state-of-the-art design for industrial bakers. With three models — 2-pocket, 3-pocket and-4 pocket — this system is easy to operate and easy to clean. Operates for weights from 6 to 26  ounces (4-pocket), 8.8 to 37 ounces (3-pocket) or 14.1 to 58.2 ounces (2-pocket). Uses a PLC touchscreen which automatically adjusts the machine with 20 pre-loaded programs.
Synova – A Bundy Baking Solution
Synova Supra Release Agents 

Synova, the newest addition to Bundy Baking Solutions, helps get the optimal release for bread products with a new line of Supra Release Agents. Using only the highest-grade ingredients and blend them to formulate in proprietary bread pan oils. Receive consistent, on-the-ground support in your bakeries to optimize release agent usage and pan reglazing schedules.

RotoPilot has been upgraded to the latest standards to increase automation, ease of use, accuracy and cleanability. The RotoPilot was originally designed to aerate many different types of products, from foamy and highly aerated products like whipped cream, marshmallow and angel kiss to a variety of cake batters. RotoPilotPlant has become the benchmark and a powerful tool with results directly linkable to full scale TFT production units.
Tonelli Group
Updated 600Lt. Tonelli Vertical Planetary Mixers

With new features, the Tonelli Vertical Planetary Mixer has an unheard endurance, thanks to the use of passivated stainless steel. The gearbox, both conventional and oil-free, can be equipped with special boosted tools for hard products. Ingredients are loaded automatically, with direct screws and flowmeters. It can be equipped with special pumps for product or CIP solution discharge. In each phase of the recipe, the Tonelli smart software oversees the utilities consumption monitoring, giving the pulse of performance.
Topos Mondial Corp.
Doughnut Proofer 

Topos Mondial manufactures heavy-duty, proven and reliable automatic doughnut final proofers. When combined with a new Topos Mondial fryer, this proofer makes up the heart of an industrial capacity doughnut line. When coupled with yeast-raised dough sheeting lines, Topos can provide the entire production line from mixing, dough handling, chunking, sheeting, forming, proofing, frying, glazing, cooling, half-icing, sugaring and into packaging. This is a full-line, fully engineered and integrated solution for our customers.
CONTINUUM Continuous Mixing System 

With over 300 installations worldwide, VMI introduces its latest continuous mixing system, the CONTINUUM. The CONTINUUM includes a vacuum/pressure section to control the cell structure of the final product, making this an ideal mixing system for soft bread, bun and cracker doughs. This system accurately controls the atmosphere and the energy input into the dough with rates from 2,000 to 20,000 lbs per hour.
Western Foods
Púro Low Micro Rice & Ancient Grain Flours 

Púro is a new, highly effective, fully validated, 5-log pathogen reduction process for salmonella, mitigating the microbiological risk associated with raw commodity flours. Púro can reduce harmful bacteria, pathogens, mold, e-coli, yeast and microbes. Our proprietary process is gentle on ingredients to ensure that their physical and organoleptic characteristics and overall functionality are protected.
Zeppelin Systems USA, Inc.

KroMIX is a unique technology developed, in cooperation between Zeppelin Systems and WP Kemper, that combines your process from material handling to finished dough with advanced hydration and batch mixing to reduce mixing times by up to 50%, increase hydration up to 10% and reduce dough temperature, for your best quality and highest yield every day.

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