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As the largest, most comprehensive baking industry event in the Western Hemisphere, the Baking Expo™ there is never a dull moment with theses can’t-miss events. IBIE offers the excitement of competition, compelling displays of creativity and acrobatics, industry awards, networking events and more. These inspiring forums and events create a world of opportunities for conversations with peers and connections with new contacts.


Artisan Marketplace at IBIE


In 2019 we added two new state-of-the-art Artisan Marketplaces, Crafted by Puratos and the Bread Bakers Guild of America (BBGA) to the Expo Hall floor. These interactive, innovative marketplaces are hubs for unique experiences and exceptional learning opportunities for bakers looking to hone their skills, make connections and walk away inspired for growth in every aspect of their business. From Virtual Reality to expert-led demos and customized bread loaves there’s no shortage of excitement here.


Together with Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery, IBIE recognizes suppliers & bakeries committed to positive transformation in the industry through the BEST in Baking awards. Since 2010 this program has been focused on recognizing those who’ve made notable achievements in Sustainability. However, award categories have now expanded by three additional topics, to honor leaders in workforce development, sanitation and product innovation.


Creativity takes center stage, as six teams of elite professional cake decorators, challenge each other to a contest of imagination, artistry and skill during one of baking’s most prestigious competitions. RBA’s Creative Cake Decorating Competition consists of four categories: wedding cake, rolled fondant, sculpted, and a “surprise” category.


In partnership with Sosland Publishing, IBIE’s Innovation Showcase debuts the newest products and technology that can enhance your operations, all on display in one efficient, state-of-the-art center. Entries include Ingredients, Equipment, Packaging and Safety products that have not exhibited at any previous IBIE event.


RBA Bakers Center Logo IBIEGet creative ideas and practical tips at the brand new RBA Bakers Center,  where you’ll discover riveting baking competitions and live demonstrations from some of the biggest names in the industry! Experience it all for FREE in one convenient location.


In partnership with the American Pie Council, IBIE presents The Great American Pie Festival. This activity-filled environment on the show floor features live entertainment, complimentary refreshments, festival merchandise, free prizes and most importantly, a variety of ready-made pies.  Expo-goers can taste-test to their heart’s content, buyers for supermarkets or restaurants can shop around, and wholesalers can assess the final products made with their ingredients or equipment.

Tiptree World Bread Awards USA

IBIE is a proud supporter of the 2021 Tiptree World Bread Awards Heroes USA. The US competition will honor bakers from 5 regions across the country, as well as 5 specialty award categories – including the IBIE Innovation Award. Whether in the field of new products, new business practices or activities, the award celebrates creativity in any aspect relating to the production process and/or delivery of bread to the consumer.

Nominations are free of charge and will be accepted through October 3, 2021. Nominate a Bread Hero Today.


Attendees who currently offer pizza or are considering adding it to their offerings (frozen or fresh) will have the opportunity to learn from pizza experts who will share knowledge on best practices, recipes, food costs, growth rates, consumer trends, the state of the industry and more. This information center is brought to PMQ Pizza Magazine – the world’s authority on pizza and the No. 1 pizza business publication.

ibe Virtual Bakery Tours at IBIEVIRTUAL BAKERY TOURS

Step inside leading bakeries from all over the globe, without leaving IBIE! In partnership with iba, IBIE is excited to offer Virtual Bakery Tours to attendees. This immersive experience provides a first-hand look at how top baking companies are utilizing the ingredients, equipment, technologies and solutions found on the IBIE show floor. Get inspired with high-tech tours of master and industrial bakeries in San Francisco, Reykjavik, Vienna and many more locations.

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