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Las Vegas Are you traveling to IBIE from outside of the United States? Any citizen of a foreign country who is travelling to the United States generally must obtain a U.S. visa. IBIE’s International Support Team offers a step-by-step guide below to make applying for your visa as easy as possible.

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Obtaining Your U.S. Visa to Attend IBIE 2019

Step 1:

Find out the estimated wait time for US visa appointments in your country. The wait time for a visa appointment can be long in some countries and processing your application can also take time.  It is recommended that you apply for your visa at least three months in advance of your travel date.

Step 2:

Register for IBIE 2019. When you complete your registration for IBIE, you will have the option to request a Letter of Invitation from the show organizers.  The Letter of Invitation from IBIE may be required to support your US visa application.

Step 3:

Determine which type of visa you need. Whether you are traveling just for business or you plan to add personal travel or tourism to your IBIE trip, you can use this online tool from the US Department of State to know which visa category (B1 or B1/B2) is most appropriate.

Step 4: 

Complete the US Visa Application form. See the U.S. Department of State’s website for the complete list of documents you may need for your application.

Step 5: 

Schedule your visa appointment

  • Select your country of origin
  • Create an online user account
  • Enter the confirmation number from your visa application (DS-160)
  • Follow the instructions for application submission and required fees to schedule your interview

Step 6: 

Prepare for your interview

  • Demonstrate strong ties to your country. Consular officers review your application and consider proof of business ownership or employment, social and family relationships and other evidence as proof that you will return to your country.
  • Document previous travel abroad. If you have traveled to the US or other foreign countries, show proof of travel and documentation showing you returned your country on time.
  • Bring all IBIE-related materials. Bring your IBIE Letter of Invitation; hotel reservations; plane reservation; your confirmed meeting schedule, your CV or any other documentation supporting your legitimate participation in the IBIE show.

Should you have additional questions or need more information, please contact IBIE’s International Specialist, Anjia Nicolaidis at [email protected].

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