The ‘No Funky Stuff’ Revolution in a Clean Label World (Saturday Presentation; included in Saturday education pass)

Jon Davis will discuss how La Brea Bakery has, for 30 years, provided clean label breads made with simple ingredients, and how the company has continued innovating with the launch of the brand’s farm-to-table Reserve breads, Gluten Free breads and non-GMO project. Tammy Wong, Senior Manager of R&D for Sweet Baked Goods will talk about how Otis Spunkmeyer, an iconic cookie brand, has been in the process of reformulating ingredients from their popular foodservice portfolios to expand their customer base in the clean label space. What are the benefits of reformulating ingredients? Is there a risk of losing customers with a recipe reformulation? How long does it take to reformulate an entire snack line? What goes into certifying breads as non-GMO? How does a company continue to stay innovative? These questions and more will be answered during this panel.

PRICE: Included in $125 Saturday Education Pass

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