IBIE 2025 - The Baking Expo™️

IBIE 2025 – The Baking Expo™️


Technology, shifting consumer preferences, trends, new challenges (like today’s staffing shortages) and a variety of other factors are changing the baking game. How can you make sure your operation is ready for what’s next? The answer might surprise you …

Attend the 2022 the National Restaurant Association Show, May 21-24 in Chicago. This event has been trusted by professionals from every facet of foodservice (bakers included!) for more than 100 years, because it offers all the key ingredients for lasting success —information, inspiration, connections, and quality products. To get a taste of the on-site experience, take a look at these five reasons why going to the Show makes sense for bakers like you:

  1. You’ll see industry leaders in action. Over 15 celebrated chefs showcase their skills at the Show — giving you plenty of opportunities to get your creative wheels turning, learn different techniques, and get fresh ideas for your own products. Especially exciting for baking professionals this year: Kimberly Brock Brown (Certified Executive Pastry Chef, founding member of the ACF Baking and Pastry Guild and president of the American Culinary Foundation) will lead a panel discussion alongside a demonstration with culinary students in: “The Next Generation of Chefs: Conversation, Cooking, and Call to Action.”
  1. You’ll learn how to choose the right technology. No matter the size of your bakery, the technology you use plays a critical role in everything from the customer experience to operational efficiency. In the workshop, “Navigating the Foodservice Technology Landscape,” you’ll hear which innovations are working for your peers and get expert advice that will help you determine the right solutions to meet your specific business needs.
  1. You’ll find strategies for your toughest challenges. Whether you’re looking for ways to reduce food waste, strengthen your workplace culture, attract top talent in a competitive labor market or embrace automation, the Show’s education program can help you reach your goals. Choose from 50+ sessions focused on operational solutions and 35+ focused on workforce, wellness and technology topics.
  1. You’ll taste award-winning baked goods. The annual FABI Awards recognize groundbreaking food and beverage products with major profit potential — and tastings are held throughout the Show floor! This year, it’s Angel Bakeries’ cloud-like pita pockets and Taste It Presents’ Italian desserts that take the cake. Sample their scrumptious offerings to get a taste of true baking excellence.
  1. You’ll discover flavorful ingredients (and more!). With products in 900+ categories and 7 specialty pavilions, the Show floor is a source of inspiration for baking professionals. Check out the Global Food Expo to discover flavors from foreign regions around the world, the Bellavita Italian Pavilion for products from a country notorious for its incredible cuisine, the American Food Fair for tastes of home and the Organic and Natural Pavilion for ingredients that align with consumers’ increasing desire for wholesomeness.

Ready to seize all the sweet opportunities that the Show has in store for bakers? Get your spot today — and don’t forget to take advantage of specially negotiated rates at Chicago-area hotels, only available to registered attendees!

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