Priority Points System

IBIE 2022 Priority Points Policies and Procedures

Revised January 8, 2021

IBIE 2022 will utilize an online exhibit space contract application process. After submitting a  contract and deposit by the required deadline, the exhibiting company will be provided a date and time to call in and select its IBIE 2022 exhibit space based on the IBIE 2022 Priority Points Policy and Procedure below.

Priority Point Accumulation Process

All current ABA, BEMA and RBA members have a special Priority Period to select space before non-member past exhibitors and prospects (“Round I”). Each member company will be assigned “Priority Points” based on several criteria:

LOYALTY PROGRAM: One point will be awarded for each show that a company participated in from 1977 – 2016.

NUMBER OF YEARS OF ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP:  Based on ABA, BEMA and RBA membership records, each member company will receive one priority point for every year that they were an active member for the period 1988 – 2016. (Membership is only tracked for one association, IBIE will not combine points if a company is a member in two or more associations.)

SQUARE FOOTAGE TOTALS IN PAST IBIE SHOWS (2001, 2004, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019)

Points are totaled for the seven shows:

100 – 400 sq. ft. = 1 point

401 – 1,000 sq. ft. = 2 points

1,001 – 2,500 sq. ft. = 3 points

2,501 – 4,000 sq. ft. = 4 points

4,001 + = 5 points

NOTE: Each of these criteria points are also assigned on a “weighted” factor, determined and approved by the IBIE Committee. In the case of two or more companies having the same number of Priority Points, the amount of square footage in prior show will be used as the tie-breaker.

Booth Selection Process

IBIE Show Management will compile this data based on the space applications and deposits that are received or postmarked by 11:59 PM CT on the published deadline date. Show Management will strictly adhere to this deadline date, with no exceptions for late submission of applications. Companies will be notified by email of their Priority Points, instructions and call-in date for the selection time period. Applications received after the published deadline date will be given the opportunity to select space after the initial selection and before the floor plan is sent to all past exhibitors.

Past exhibitors who are non-members will receive the prospectus after the Round I Priority Points selection period has concluded. Past exhibitors who are non-members will also have a priority assignment period (“Round II”), which will be noted on their mailing. Thereafter, space assignments will be made on a first-come, first-served basis (“Round III”). When possible, IBIE will take into consideration location preferences requested by an exhibitor on their Exhibit Space Application & Contract when making space assignments not selected by the exhibitors during the Priority Point call-in process. In all events, IBIE reserves the right to make the final determination of all space assignments in the overall best interests of the Exposition. Furthermore, IBIE cannot guarantee that a particular exhibit space will be available for a particular exhibitor and reserves the right to make changes to the space assignments as needed (e.g., in cases of force majeure).

Selecting Space for Others: Under the Membership Priority Selection process, an exhibitor may select space during the same space selection time for other profit centers, divisions, subsidiaries or companies but only if they are part of the same company or parent corporation. The space selected for the other wholly-owned profit centers, divisions, subsidiaries or companies that are part of the same company or parent corporation may be located either contiguous to each other or in separate locations throughout the exhibit hall.  While ABA, BEMA or RBA members may select space during the same space selection time for their subsidiaries or divisions under the guidelines noted above, the member rate of exhibit space will only apply to the portion of the booth occupied by current member(s). Each division/subsidiary must complete their own Space Application and will be considered as a separate exhibit booth.

The profit centers, divisions, subsidiaries or companies that are wholly-owned parts of the same company or parent corporation must qualify for membership status on their own to obtain member discount on exhibit space. Each exhibiting company will indicate its ABA, BEMA and/or RBA membership status on the separate contract required for participation under the subsidiary’s/division’s name. Any of the companies who drop their membership after space has been confirmed will be re-invoiced at the non-member rate. First space assignments will be selected by ABA, BEMA and RBA members who have submitted complete contracts with the appropriate Initial Deposit in a timely manner as determined by IBIE in its sole discretion. All such space selections will be governed by the order of the posted Priority Point Chart.

Procedures for Selection of Space for Others:

  • Complete a separate Application & Contract for each company, indicating square footage for each selection. Documentation must also be provided to IBIE at the time of exhibit contract submission, containing proof of wholly-owned corporate status of affiliated companies in order to qualify for selecting space at the same selection time.
  • After contracts are signed, the profit centers, divisions, subsidiaries or companies that are part of the same company or parent corporation will be official exhibitors and can be listed in the Official Show Directory.

This IBIE 2022 Priority Points Policy and Procedure originates on the online IBIE 2022 Exhibit Space Contract. Please refer to this online exhibit space contract for the latest version of this policy and procedure.  In the case of differences between this Policy and Procedure statement and the online exhibit space contract, the online exhibit space contract will rule.  IBIE management reserves the right to make changes without notice, and its decision is final.

Last Updated: January 8, 2021

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