Entering the New Era

In this IBIE blog post, Chris Luke, Group Publisher at BNP Media reflects on the state of the baking industry and introduces the SF&WB 2020 report of the same nature. SF&WB is a gold media sponsor of IBIE and co-presents the triennial BEST in Baking Industry Awards at the Baking Expo™.

As we enter summer, we stand at the threshold of a new era of American life. The COVID-19 pandemic has upended our society’s long-established rhythms. Our freedom has been compromised for the sake of the greater good. The continual presence of invisible viruses raises anxiety. Race relations are at a boiling point, with protests and rioting recently coursing through our cities. The political divide is clearer than ever. We have been home-bound more than probably any other time in modern history. Unemployment is at the highest level since the Great Depression. Far too many bakery businesses have closed their doors—some for good. Our economy has seen a startlingly precipitous decline. People are on edge, and the future is uncertain.

SF&WB 2020 State of the Baking Industry BakeryIn order to begin the rebuilding process toward a brighter day, we need a clear vision, strong leadership, comprehensive business analysis, and astute strategic planning.

Tracking consumer spending is an ongoing necessity for product development planning. That’s an ongoing part of our editorial coverage every month, and it’s at the core of our annual State of the Industry issues, with data provided by our trusted partners, IRI (retail), and Datassential (foodservice). The SF&WB 2020 “State of the Industry: Bakery” coverage is now available online.

In the wake of COVID-19, we saw strong sales for many bakery categories. We expect some of that strength to continue as more people eat at home, but remember that a new level of austerity is upon us. Price sensitivity is a pressing reality for an increasing percentage of the U.S. population. That will make private label, and budget-tier branded products a necessity.

COVID-19 is also forcing the industry to take a comprehensive view of their food, personnel, and facility safety plans. Every aspect of the business must face hard scrutiny. This will likely catalyze innovations in cleaning, sanitation, and facility and equipment design and maintenance. Remote and augmented reality solutions for maintenance and training will gain renewed relevancy and appeal. Automation—for the sake of safety and our industry’s ongoing workforce challenges—will face strong consideration.

We’ve also seen how strong of a role e-commerce will play in the unfolding future of our industry. Online shopping is the new norm, and many bakery businesses will need to ramp-up their online shopping capabilities in order to stay competitive.

The key takeaway here is the undisputed need for innovation across the board to step into the sizeable gap created by COVID-19. We need to innovate our way into our new era, and Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery, with vital resources always available at, will be there right along with you every step of the way.


Taking Responsibility

In this IBIE blog post, Robb MacKie, President & CEO of the American Bakers Association offers reflections on diversity and inclusivity in the baking industry. The American Bakers Association (ABA), is a  co-owner of IBIE, along with BEMA and in partnership with the Retail Bakers of America.

As bakers, we applaud the richness of diversity and the differences that make our country a beacon to the world. America has always been more than a geographic location. Since its founding and despite its flaws, America is a promise. A promise of opportunity for success, of equality for all. The promise established many of today’s baking companies as leaders in the hearts of their then-immigrant communities. The promise led many of our industry’s companies and employees to achieve great accomplishments. However, for many of our country’s citizens, the promise has gone unfulfilled.

The baking industry’s diverse workforce includes people of all races, nationalities, and religions. Our successes directly reflect the hard work and passion of hundreds of thousands of skilled, dedicated employees supplying ingredients and equipment, and baking the products which feed our country and the world.

While our workforce is extremely diverse, our senior management ranks are an area that requires attention and work. We must foster an environment where we, as an industry, can have constructive and purposeful conversations around the very raw and vexing issue of racial equality.  The first step toward action and ultimately results is an honest dialogue with an open mind and an open heart. In order to heal the symptoms, it is critical to understand and address the underlying causes.

It is our responsibility, as a leading food manufacturing industry, to do better. The dedication of our workforce matches the dedication of our sector’s leaders to ensure the equal treatment of everyone in our industry and our country. We are committed to helping the baking industry have a constructive, action-oriented dialogue. We are committed to improving our industry’s diversity from the plant floor to the board room. Most importantly, we are committed to upholding America’s promise for all of its citizens.


This guest blog post has been provided by the American Bakers Association, a voluntary trade association dedicated to representing the interests of the wholesale baking industry before the United States Congress, state legislatures, and international regulatory authorities. Formed in 1897, ABA tackles key issues on behalf of grain-based foods and initiates key reforms to make positive impacts on the industry; ABA is committed to promoting public policy that is in the best interest of the baking industry.

Baking Strong

In this IBIE blog post, Robb MacKie, the President & CEO of the American Bakers Association offers reflections on the global COVID-19 pandemic and how the baking industry, in this crisis and others, has always been and will always be #BakingStrong.  The American Bakers Association (ABA), is a  co-owner of IBIE, along with BEMA and in partnership with the Retail Bakers of America.


There was a before and there will be an after, and we will – as an industry –  be in this together. While this crisis is entirely different from ones we have weathered before, the response is the same: our industry bands together ensuring we can continue feeding America’s families a safe, healthy – and, let’s admit it – sometimes indulgent – food staple. The sustenance and joy our industry provides is the core of our Members’ noble work. It’s in trying times like these that others get to see it.

As America experienced the rolling waves of shutdowns and quarantines and the extreme fear of the unknown, as the federal government invoked various acts to protect the food supply and our Association worked to ensure our industry had tools to stay operational or to be supported during a dire time, our Members and our industry exemplified to themselves and others how they are, and always have been, pillars of their communities.

We’ve heard stories of extreme acts of giving: millions of baked goods donated to countless food banks, thousands of volunteers from our industry (some of whom have even been temporarily furloughed) taking time to give back, and the heroic efforts of baking industry employees pushing aside fears and coming to work, safely making and delivering the products we need today and always. We wholeheartedly applaud this work and would love to help amplify these stories through our various communications channels.

During the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, we were all together at IBIE in Las Vegas. That seminal moment swiftly changed many facets of that specific event and of our lives, not unlike how this pandemic will certainly affect how we go about doing business, operating our plants, and countless other ways. When the attendees of IBIE in 2001 quickly dispersed (as quickly as they could) to be back at their home bases, the sense of togetherness even though we were apart was palpable. Now, we truly cannot physically be together, yet I feel we have never been closer.

As we started this year, I heard all sorts of witty marketing campaigns and puns that indicated 2020 would be the year of clarity, of focus. But now, I can’t help but think hindsight will absolutely be 2020. It’s what we are doing now that will forever shape how we operate moving forward. And it puts into focus (pun intended) the importance of constantly communicating throughout the bakery supply chain the quickly evolving needs of each segment of the industry.

It’s already been nearly one year since IBIE 2019 if you can believe it. Also, if you can believe it, we have already begun the plans for IBIE 2022. What will the show look like? What sort of technologies will be unveiled? How will consumer perceptions be different than now? What innovations in packaging and sanitization and ingredients and automation will we see? How will we adapt the format and topics for the educational sessions to prepare for the next wave of whatever it is that comes next? I’m excited and anxious to work with the other co-owner of IBIE and the esteemed members of the IBIE committee to see how we can take this crisis and learn from it, to build an international platform and event for doing business as we emerge from this pandemic, feeding the world, together.

#BakingStrong #FeedingUS

This guest blog post has been provided by the American Bakers Association, a voluntary trade association dedicated to representing the interests of the wholesale baking industry before the United States Congress, state legislatures, and international regulatory authorities. Formed in 1897, ABA tackles key issues on behalf of grain-based foods and initiates key reforms to make positive impacts on the industry; ABA is committed to promoting public policy that is in the best interest of the baking industry.

Navigating Together Through Uncertainty

In this IBIE blog post, Emily Bowers, the Senior Director of Education & Operations at BEMA offers insights on “Navigating Together Through Uncertainty.”  BEMA (Bakery Equipment Manufacturers & Allieds), is a  co-sponsor of IBIE, along with the American Baker’s Association and Retail Bakers of America.

Last year, many of us walked away from IBIE 2019 armed with a bigger viewpoint and a broader concept of new ways to work together in the global grain-based foods industry. As 2019 wrapped and 2020 began, we sought new ways to put this wisdom into action. Yet no one expected how quickly we’d put our assumptions and learnings to the test when faced with the changes and challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Global Industry Growth

Seemingly overnight, stripped grocery store shelves demonstrated just how important the food industry, and baking, is to consumers. No planned marketing campaign could match the outpouring of need and desire for products produced by the industry as consumers responded to stay-in-place orders. When shoppers couldn’t find what they wanted in-store or online, they looked for ways to make their own, driving a 600% increase in baking ingredients such a yeast and making flour almost as scarce as toilet paper.

To keep up with incredible demand, many manufacturers switched to round-the-clock production. The unprecedented demands included responding to new levels of social responsibility, safety and sanitation, and a need to adjust to the evolving needs of customers and employees. Manufacturers demonstrated extreme flexibility to create, adjust, and re-work projects and policies to accommodate new demands while supporting front-line employees with increased pay, safety, and enhanced communication.

Because of these incredible efforts, consumers continue to experience a heightened sense of food security in otherwise uncertain times. Industry-wide resilience has also given rise to unexpected internal leadership and collaboration between individual team members and among manufacturers. This includes employees stepping forward to offer suggestions for improved efficiencies and unprecedented sharing among companies who once saw each other as competitors. These stories of success, large and small, enhance confidence and buoy the workforce on the front lines and the collective industry.

Providing the Glue

Our front-row seat allows us to witness the many ways the industry is coming together for good. With a commitment to bring the right people together at the right time, BEMA is striving to discover new ways to provide support, education, and training in the post-COVID-19 environment long-term.

This includes:

  • Offering educational virtual classes and webinars to connect bakers and suppliers
  • Connecting leading industry suppliers with customers/bakers through conversations and networking opportunities, and
  • Uniting the industry by recognizing the needs of one baker, one supplier and one business at a time


As we work together with industry colleagues to synthesize the learnings and navigate the “New Normal,” we hope you’ll join BEMA in our newest initiative. The #WeKneadYou Campaign is engaging BEMA members to actively support hard-hit community QSRs by providing meals to heroic front-line workers. For every BEMA member company that purchases meals from local QSR/fast-casual restaurants for donation to area essential workers, BEMA will donate $500 (up to a total of $25,000) to Feeding America, the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization. Submit your entry by simply posting about this experience on social media with photo/video, tag the @BEMAConnectsYou page, and include the hashtag #WeKneadYou!

For information or to view the progress of this fundraiser, click here.

Together, we can make the industry stronger and more efficient moving forward.

Written By: Emily Bowers | Senior Director, Education & Operations | BEMA


This guest post has been provided by BEMA, an international trade association representing bakery and food equipment manufacturers, companies that provide ingredients, packaging materials and vehicles, and service providers including publishers, consultants, installers and financial services. Formed in 1918, BEMA is dedicated to furthering the professionalism of its members with programs that enhance communications and promote technological advancement, education, safety, sanitation, marketing and good manufacturing practices. BEMA is committed to providing venues for our members to connect with customers and partner with suppliers. From the unique networking opportunities at the BEMA Convention to co-owning IBIE, their vision is to be the premier resource in the baking industry.

Meet the Future of Baking – IBIE’s new Student Immersion Program

IBIE’s new Student Immersion Program helps up-and-comers kickstart their careers.

It’s no secret that workforce development is a major challenge in today’s baking industry. At IBIEducate we learned that 78 percent of baking companies are reporting a shortage of employees and at IBIE 2019 we awarded BEST in Baking industry awards to companies that are working to tackle this important issue. In addition, we’re working to create a strong workforce in the future through our new Student Immersion Program, which gives emerging industry professionals a taste of the industry and tools to kickstart their careers.

Sixteen rising stars were selected to participate in the program’s inaugural year. These students were matched with industry mentors, participated in meetings with top-tier exhibitors and were given all-access passes to both IBIEducate and the Baking Expo’s™ show floor. And even managed to have a little fun together at an ice cream social, a few networking events and touring a state-of-the-art baking facility in Las Vegas. Here are some excerpts from their reflections on the program:


“The highlight of my experience was most definitely being paired with Ramon Rivera with Grupo Bimbo as my mentor. Upon hearing that my career interests were in research and development, he connected me with several individuals who were key players in the Grupo Bimbo R&D group. They were excited to know that I had been considering applying for an opening in R&D that is currently posted and asked me about previous internship experiences. The mentor program was a very positive experience for me and has made me excited to apply for a position with Grupo Bimbo.”

Anastasia Frazee
Iowa State University
Culinary food science & entrepreneurship

“IBIE was an impactful and confirming experience for who I want to be in the food industry. I was introduced to the baking industry during previous internships and knew that my passion for grain functionality, bread baking, and cookie making was something I wanted to incorporate into my future career.

Perhaps the most important thing I learned from IBIE was that the baking industry is a huge, kind, and innovative industry. I was unsure of what I wanted to do after graduation, but I am now very sure of my career intentions. IBIE was able to help me solidify my career aspirations and introduced me to leaders in the industry, providing me with connections that I soon cannot forget.“

Morganne Schmidt
University of Nebraska – Lincoln
Master’s in food science

“My participation in the IBIE immersion program was exceptional due to the connections made, and the knowledge gained – the experience of a lifetime. During my time at IBIE I was able to connect with K-State alumni Sherrill Cropper as my mentor. Sherrill did a wonderful job of connecting me with fellow K-State alumni and other connections throughout the industry.

Along with access to an expansive network of professionals, this program provided me with the opportunity to expand my knowledge base of the baking industry. With the generous all-access pass for IBIEducate sessions provided by the program I was able to attend a number of classes. In these classes I learned about new trends that will soon influence the market and how to substitute for sugar in a sugar-fearing market, among other things.”

Maggie Miksch
Kansas State University
Bakery science and cereal food science

IBIE Student Immersion Program Particpant

“Being selected to be part of the first ever Student Immersion Program for the International Baking Industry Exposition will forever be a very special memory from my time in college.

In addition to there being booths as far (and even farther) than the eye can see, there were demonstrations from master bakers and even a master cake decorating competition with different components every day. There were several celebrity sightings including Duff Goldman from Ace of Cakes, Buddy from Cake Boss and Emily Ellyn from the Food Network. The Pillsbury Doughboy even made a special appearance! The best part of walking around the show floor was the willingness of the [exhibitors] to talk to the students and share information and ask questions. There were constantly fun and interesting things to learn, sometimes it felt like we needed to have clones to be able to do and see everything we wanted!”

Kacee Campbell
Kansas State University
Bakery science & management and food science with a minor in business

“I learned a lot about this industry by attending IBIE. I knew that there are many different fields that I could get into in this industry, but it never really hit me until I was walking around the expo looking at all the different booths at the show.

All the different food safety and HACCP sessions were helpful and gave useful information. The shows that were on the main floor were a great learning experience. I enjoyed being able to watch the different professionals show us their skills. The tips and advice that the professionals gave were also useful to improving my skills.

I was able to meet people that owned their own small bakery to the CEOs and higher ups of large companies. The networking opportunities for a student at this show are great. I was able to talk to several potential employers about different opportunities within their companies.”

Megan Hayunga
Kansas State University
Bakery science and management, cereal chemistry option
Minors in agribusiness and chemistry

By providing students the opportunity to further their knowledge, grow their network, and broaden their view of the baking industry, we aim to give the next generation of baking professionals a head start in their career development and in turn contribute toward the health of the industry as a whole. Keep this unique and impactful opportunity in mind for students you may know and reach out to [email protected] if you’d like to participate as a student or mentor for IBIE 2022!

Welcome to a Bigger, Broader IBIE.

Every three years, the entire baking community comes together at IBIE to experience new technology, access best-in-class education, find inspiration and connect with important resources. Because this is the venue where baking professionals in all roles and from every industry segment join together, the progress that originates at IBIE helps to shape the future of the global grain-based foods industry.

As bakers and suppliers, the planning committee behind IBIE understands the significance of this event, especially as our industry and our community continue to grow. We strive to deliver additional value to our attendees and exhibitors with each edition of the show and we are proud that IBIE 2019 offers additional show features — bigger opportunities to learn, connect and explore a broader range of topics and solutions.

Bigger learning opportunities come in the form of the world’s broadest baking education program, IBIEducate, which offers more than 100 seminars and hands-on training sessions covering everything from the art of artisan baking to automation and technology trends in bakery production. We’ve also responded to attendee feedback with the addition of a full day of education sessions to this year’s programming, which takes place on Saturday, September 7. While visiting the show floor, take advantage of spontaneous education opportunities including the Fresh Take Talks (a popular returning feature) and the all-new RBA Bakers Center, which offers live demonstrations from some of the biggest names in baking.

The IBIE committee takes great care to bring the topics and trends that matter most to our industry forward, which is why you’ll find a special focus on artisan baking at this year’s event. You can access expanded artisan education content and make sure to explore the two new artisan marketplaces on the show floor, presented in partnership with Puratos and Bread Bakers Guild of America, respectively.

We are also presenting a broader view of the global baking industry on the show floor. We’ve partnered with iba to bring Virtual Bakery Tours to IBIE, with enhanced content from wholesale bakeries. Put the virtual reality headset on and take a behind-the-scenes look at unique artisinal and industrial bakeries in the U.S., Greece, Germany, Austria and several other locations. Speaking of the global baking industry, IBIE has been busy visiting other baking industry events around the world this year and spreading the word about IBIE 2019. As a result, we are excited to welcome larger delegations of baking professionals from India, South America, the Middle East and Asia to this year’s event.

Lastly, we would like to thank the dedicated volunteers from our sponsor organizations, the American Bakers Association (ABA), The Bakery Equipment Manufacturers and Allieds (BEMA) and the Retail Bakers of America (RBA). Your many hours of hard work and annual planning are what make this incredible show possible. Thanks also to the IBIE staff, mdg and SmithBucklin, as well as all those who support IBIE and our sponsoring organizations. We could not execute our spectacular Expo without you.

Have an enjoyable and productive show!

Joe Turano


A Spotlight on Sustainability in Baking for Earth Day

For nearly 50 years, Earth Day has served as a reminder of how important it is for us all to be good stewards of our planet. At IBIE and Flowers Foods, we recognize that sustainability makes the industry stronger and increases profitability over the long term. Flowers is committed to applying sustainability processes to all aspects of its business. Working with team members, business partners, suppliers, and customers, we continually look to prevent waste of water, packaging, energy, and other resources.

In 2018, we established new sustainability goals for 2025 that will reduce manufacturing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions 20% per metric ton of product, decrease water use 20% per metric ton of product, and achieve zero waste to landfill companywide (98% or greater diversion of waste from landfill). 

Some of our strategies for achieving our goals include replacing our lighting to energy-efficient LED bulbs and upgrading our compressed air systems. To date, 12 of our bakeries have been certified under the EPA’s ENERGY STAR program and five bakeries have achieved the ENERGY STAR challenge. 

In celebration of Earth Day, April 22nd, 2019, the International Baking Industry Exposition staff has pulled together an overview of sustainability practices within the baking industry. I recommend reading and hope you will be inspired and motivated to continuing pursuing your sustainability goals. 

Robert Benton - IBIE Committee Member


Robert Benton

Chief Supply Chain OfficerFlowers Foods

Member, IBIE 2019 Committee


From ingredients to packaging to processes, the focus on sustainability touches every facet of modern baking. Growing “green” trends in the industry include opting for biodegradable over recyclable packaging, largely due to increased awareness of plastic’s presence in and effect on marine ecosystems. The demand for sustainable palm oil has also continued to rise and, today, there are 164 sites in the United States that are Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil certified (including many in the baking sector).

Sustainable energy and energy efficiency have also been big focus areas for food production companies recently and they come with an added bonus — smaller utility bills. Campbell Soup Co. recently reduced the electrical consumption at a manufacturing plant in Ohio by 15 percent after installing 25,000 solar panels. Similarly, a Pepperidge Farm plant in Connecticut is now capable of generating 100 percent of its electricity through two fuel cells and a 1 MW solar array.

Food waste has long been a global issue and the U.N Food and Agriculture Organization recently reported that more than 1 billion tons (approximately one third) of the food produced for human consumption is wasted. To address this huge problem, companies like Flowers Foods are setting (and reaching) lofty goals. The company is within 1 percent of its goal to reach 90 percent zero-waste-to-landfill. The Kroger Co. aims to become a fully zero-waste company by 2025 and has already joined with strategic partners, including Feeding America, in order to make this a reality.

There are seemingly endless ways that we, as members of the baking industry, can help create a healthier planet. And IBIE makes it easier than ever to shop sustainable suppliers—from organic and fair trade ingredients to zero waste equipment. Not to mention our BEST in Baking Industry Awards that recognize suppliers that foster energy conservation, reduced water usage, a decrease in landfill waste, healthy living and/ or a reduction of the overall impact on the environment. These suppliers will be featured in the BEST in Baking Lounge in the Grand Lobby and designated in the Official IBIE Directory.

This Earth Day let us know about the great things your company is doing for our planet by nominating it for a BEST in Baking award in Sustainability. This category honors suppliers and bakers that are working to reduce their impact on the environment through the equipment, ingredients, packaging and technology that they use. In an effort to provide a better future for our world and our industry by showcasing bakers and suppliers who are doing outstanding things, the BEST in Baking awards now include three new categories: Sanitation, Product Innovation and Workforce Development. Learn more about the BEST in Baking program categories and nominate your business now!

What has Industry Leaders Most Excited for IBIE 2019

It’s almost time for the International Baking Industry Exposition, the global grain-based food industry’s largest, most comprehensive trade event in the Western Hemisphere. There are many new and exciting features in store this year, from new show floor areas dedicated to the artisan bread industry to the most robust IBIEducate program to-date. IBIE is, of course, an international bakery expo, so you’ll experience unequaled opportunities to connect with a broad range of industry professionals from all over the world.

As this exceptional event gets closer—only nine more months to go!—we asked bakers from the IBIE planning committee what they’re most looking forward to at IBIE 2019. Here’s what they had to say:


Joe Turano - IBIE Chair

“The IBIE Committee has been working hard to ensure we’re delivering maximum value to IBIE attendees, and I’m personally looking forward to our new offerings around the artisan movement. The two Artisan Marketplaces in the exhibit hall will bring together the biggest names in baking and feature unique, interactive experiences sure to inspire artisan and specialty bakers and further the passion for their craft.”

Joe Turano
President, Turano Baking Company
IBIE Committee Chair


David Watson IBIE Committee

“The learning opportunities at IBIE are incomparable—both on the show floor through conversations with suppliers and in the classroom through educational sessions. In fact, IBIEducate will have its largest program ever in 2019 and is now the most comprehensive training opportunity anywhere in the baking industry. My team will specifically be looking forward to the new dedicated day of education on Saturday before the exhibit hall opens. It’s the most efficient and effective way to stay on top of the major issues we’re facing every day.”

Dave Watson
Vice President, Campbell Soup Company/Pepperidge Farm
IBIE Chair – Attendance & Marketing Task Force


Jorge Zarate - IBIE International Committee Chair“IBIE is truly a global industry event. As a member of IBIE’s International Task Force, I’ve been working with associations around the world to develop partnerships and expand international interest for IBIE. On a personal note, I always look forward to meeting the diverse baking community at IBIE and connecting with friends and colleagues from around the globe.”

Jorge Zárate
Global Operations Sr. Vice President, Grupo Bimbo International
IBIE Committee Member


Tim Ramsey

“IBIE represents an easy and efficient way to talk with thousands of suppliers in a matter of days. It’s an opportunity to ensure we’re not missing out on the latest technologies and how we stay on top of the newest trends and advancements. We value the broad exposure to what the latest and best is in the industry!”

Tim Ramsey
Vice President, Hearthside Food Solutions LLC
IBIE Committee Member


Robert Benton - IBIE Committee Member“Beyond the innovation on the show floor and learning in the educational sessions, I most enjoy the opportunity to come together with everyone in the baking industry. For me, IBIE means the chance to see old friends—and to make new ones. It’s the best place in the industry to meet with colleagues, share ideas, combat challenges and build new relationships.”

Robert Benton
Senior Vice President & Chief Manufacturing, Flowers Foods
IBIE Committee Member


You heard it straight from some of the biggest names in baking—whether you’re seeking expert insights on current issues and trends, the latest baking technologies and solutions or new connections with fellow industry professionals, IBIE 2019 is the place to be. Register now and join the entire grain-based food industry in Las Vegas to capitalize on opportunities you can’t find anywhere else. We look forward to seeing you in September!


Dating back to ancient times, bread has been a universal staple of life in every corner of the world—nourishing us, comforting us, and bringing us together. The unifying power of bread was especially apparent at iba in Munich, Germany last month, where visitors from 167 countries walked the show floor looking for the newest trends and technologies in baking. Since global growth is a key priority for IBIE (aka the International Baking Industry Exposition), the team expanded its footprint onsite, met with dozens of international partners, spotted trends, and spread the word about our 2019 event.

Iba is always held about one year in advance of IBIE, so it’s a great opportunity to touch base with international partners. For the first time, IBIE event producers arranged a roundtable discussion with the International Association of Plant Bakeries (AIBI), an association that represents 28 member countries across Europe. The group discussed common challenges, including consumption trends, zero waste initiatives and changes in the workforce. Members of the leadership teams will continue the dialogue at IBIE 2019 as they work together to advance the global grain-based foods industry.

IBIE also met with several of our international counterpart associations and media partners to solidify important agreements around both global marketing and education. Meetings were held against the backdrop of the newly upgraded IBIE Lounge, located within the U.S. Pavilion. IBIE’s presence also extended outside the Lounge as visitors could literally rise up the IBIE-branded stairs. They also donned IBIE-branded “Tyrolean” German hats at the iba Oktoberfest party. Lastly, IBIE shared some educational content from their world-renowned IBIEducate program at the iba SPEAKERS CORNER.

The show floor gave us a taste of what we might see at IBIE 2019. Digitization in baking was a key focus area, with applications including digital diagnostics, maintenance, scheduling, and performance and analytics tracking. Many exhibitors offered tools that allow for remote access, and there was also an increased emphasis on scaled artisan baking and in-booth hospitality. On the ingredients side, we’re likely to see offerings that help reduce sugar as well as more sophisticated fat and oil solutions.

Many exhibitors were already talking about their plans to unveil their new innovations at IBIE. If iba was any indication, IBIE is on track to be a resounding success.

Next stop: MOBAC, Feb. 20-23, 2018 in Tokyo Japan.

Jorge Zárate

Global Operations Director of Grupo Bimbo

A Rich History of Reinvestment

At its foundation, IBIE is committed to connecting and growing the global baking industry. And it all happens with your support, when you’re an attendee or exhibitor at the Baking Expo™. But the efforts to advance the industry extend far beyond those days we gather in Las Vegas. As the only non-profit event in the industry, IBIE’s executive committee is always working to serve the greater good. One way we do this is by reinvesting trade show profits through a variety of channels, resulting in widespread benefits. From our support of the Grain Foods Foundation’s consumer education efforts, to our financial aid for AIB’s workforce development initiatives, and our general commitment to improving food safety and sustainability, we’re giving the grain-based industry a heart. We’re helping people lead healthier lives. And we’re making a significant impact on the future of baking professionals. That’s something we can all take pride in.

Take a look at just a few of the ways IBIE has reinvested in the industry growth and success over the past decade.

Dave Watson
Secretary & Treasurer
IBIE 2019
Vice President, Engineering, Campbell Soup Company/Pepperidge FarmImpact Infographic

Download Infographic

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