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[UPDATE: IBIEDUCATE 2021 HAS BEEN CANCELLED. PLEASE JOIN OUR LIVESTREAM SESSION AT iba.CONNECTING EXPERTS instead. IN 2022, IBIEDUCATE PROGRAMMING AT IBIE WILL CONSIST OF MORE THAN 100 LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES, WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO REGISTER HERE FOR THE BAKING EXPO™] In 2019, IBIE and iba announced a strategic alliance partnership in an effort to support the growth and advancement of the global baking industry.What we have found since then is that our world is even more connected than ever. This makes this October’s educational events even more exciting. All around the world, at the same time, our industry will produce events both in-person with IBIEducate… Read more →

Introducing IBIEducate 2021:
A New Educational Event for
Baking Industry Professionals

In-person, interactive training has always been essential for growth in the grain-based foods industry—and even more so now, when major disruptions like the COVID-19 pandemic, new technologies, and shifting consumer preferences are accelerating the pace of change across all markets. That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of IBIEducate 2021, a new educational event designed to meet the immediate needs of baking professionals in a variety of roles and help our industry prepare for whatever comes next. Developed by two of the industry’s leading organizations, American Bakers Association (ABA) and Baking Equipment Manufacturers and Allieds (BEMA), with co-located sessions… Read more →

Back to

Little did we know what lay ahead as we closed out our 2019 event. Only a few months later, we entered into a global pandemic shutting down events, industries, and businesses. The baking industry has exhibited an incredible amount of strength and resiliency in this difficult time. As we look forward to IBIE 2022, we are all eager to come together as a community and get back to business. Our passionate, dedicated committee is making every effort to ensure that IBIE 2022 is one for the record books and putting plans into place, starting with the launch of space sales… Read more →

IBIE Provides Insight
into Trends, Sanitation and Automation
as Part of Virtual Event, iba.CONNECTING EXPERTS

IBIE has always been dedicated to providing our community with expert advice on the topics that matter most to the grain-based foods industry—which is why we’re excited to announce that we will host three original education sessions exclusively at iba.CONNECTING EXPERTS, a new virtual event from complementary trade show and longtime IBIE partner, iba. The event was developed in order to facilitate international networking, knowledge exchange and commerce—all things that are critical to our industry’s continued success, but difficult to achieve in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. “iba’s CONNECTING EXPERTS event offers exactly what our industry is craving right now—… Read more →

ABA Celebrates the Bread Community
in Partnership with the
Tiptree World Bread Award Heroes

In this IBIE blog post, Katie Juhl, Marketing and Communications Director at American Bakers Association (ABA), announces their support of the World Bread awards by recognizing heroes in our industry. The American Bakers Association is a  co-owner of IBIE along with BEMA and in partnership with the Retail Bakers of America. The American Bakers Association will celebrate the bread community in partnership with the Tiptree World Bread Award Heroes. The 2020 awards will recognize the people behind the baked goods: the bakers, millers, farmers, and others in the industry going above and beyond to help their community. These awards shine… Read more →

100 Years of IBIE

2020 has been a year of reflection for all us, reminding us in the midst of this pandemic that change is inevitable and as an industry, we must (and will) adapt. At IBIE, 2020 also marks our 100-year anniversary and the pandemic is not the first, nor the last, disruption in our industry. We’ve faced wars, depressions, 9/11, diet fads and more. As we look forward to the next century and the road to recovery ahead, we wanted to share a walk down memory lane that celebrates both our successes and challenges—as both help shape the future our industry, and… Read more →

A Look Ahead for Exhibitors

Resilience, Optimism, and Excitement While the pandemic continues to cloud the complete vision of IBIE 2022, it’s not diminishing the anticipation building around the event. With close to 25 months before the show, our time frame allows for ample opportunity to address any necessary restrictions resulting from the 2020 pandemic. One thing we do know is that IBIE will adjust and reflect on what will become our next normal. Making Predictions While we are still in the planning stages, we will continue to work on new ways to add virtual content, demonstration space and improved meeting and common zones. Over… Read more →

the New Era

In this IBIE blog post, Chris Luke, Group Publisher at BNP Media reflects on the state of the baking industry and introduces the SF&WB 2020 report of the same nature. SF&WB is a gold media sponsor of IBIE and co-presents the triennial BEST in Baking Industry Awards at the Baking Expo™. As we enter summer, we stand at the threshold of a new era of American life. The COVID-19 pandemic has upended our society’s long-established rhythms. Our freedom has been compromised for the sake of the greater good. The continual presence of invisible viruses raises anxiety. Race relations are at… Read more →


In this IBIE blog post, Robb MacKie, President & CEO of the American Bakers Association offers reflections on diversity and inclusivity in the baking industry. The American Bakers Association (ABA), is a  co-owner of IBIE, along with BEMA and in partnership with the Retail Bakers of America. As bakers, we applaud the richness of diversity and the differences that make our country a beacon to the world. America has always been more than a geographic location. Since its founding and despite its flaws, America is a promise. A promise of opportunity for success, of equality for all. The promise established many… Read more →

Baking Strong

In this IBIE blog post, Robb MacKie, the President & CEO of the American Bakers Association offers reflections on the global COVID-19 pandemic and how the baking industry, in this crisis and others, has always been and will always be #BakingStrong.  The American Bakers Association (ABA), is a  co-owner of IBIE, along with BEMA and in partnership with the Retail Bakers of America. #BakingStrong There was a before and there will be an after, and we will – as an industry –  be in this together. While this crisis is entirely different from ones we have weathered before, the response is… Read more →

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