What has Industry Leaders Most Excited for IBIE 2019

It’s almost time for the International Baking Industry Exposition, the global grain-based food industry’s largest, most comprehensive trade event in the Western Hemisphere. There are many new and exciting features in store this year, from new show floor areas dedicated to the artisan bread industry to the most robust IBIEducate program to-date. IBIE is, of course, an international bakery expo, so you’ll experience unequaled opportunities to connect with a broad range of industry professionals from all over the world.

As this exceptional event gets closer—only nine more months to go!—we asked bakers from the IBIE planning committee what they’re most looking forward to at IBIE 2019. Here’s what they had to say:


Joe Turano - IBIE Chair

“The IBIE Committee has been working hard to ensure we’re delivering maximum value to IBIE attendees, and I’m personally looking forward to our new offerings around the artisan movement. The two Artisan Marketplaces in the exhibit hall will bring together the biggest names in baking and feature unique, interactive experiences sure to inspire artisan and specialty bakers and further the passion for their craft.”

Joe Turano
President, Turano Baking Company
IBIE Committee Chair


David Watson IBIE Committee

“The learning opportunities at IBIE are incomparable—both on the show floor through conversations with suppliers and in the classroom through educational sessions. In fact, IBIEducate will have its largest program ever in 2019 and is now the most comprehensive training opportunity anywhere in the baking industry. My team will specifically be looking forward to the new dedicated day of education on Saturday before the exhibit hall opens. It’s the most efficient and effective way to stay on top of the major issues we’re facing every day.”

Dave Watson
Vice President, Campbell Soup Company/Pepperidge Farm
IBIE Chair – Attendance & Marketing Task Force


Jorge Zarate - IBIE International Committee Chair“IBIE is truly a global industry event. As a member of IBIE’s International Task Force, I’ve been working with associations around the world to develop partnerships and expand international interest for IBIE. On a personal note, I always look forward to meeting the diverse baking community at IBIE and connecting with friends and colleagues from around the globe.”

Jorge Zárate
Global Operations Sr. Vice President, Grupo Bimbo International
IBIE Committee Member


Tim Ramsey

“IBIE represents an easy and efficient way to talk with thousands of suppliers in a matter of days. It’s an opportunity to ensure we’re not missing out on the latest technologies and how we stay on top of the newest trends and advancements. We value the broad exposure to what the latest and best is in the industry!”

Tim Ramsey
Vice President, Hearthside Food Solutions LLC
IBIE Committee Member


Robert Benton - IBIE Committee Member“Beyond the innovation on the show floor and learning in the educational sessions, I most enjoy the opportunity to come together with everyone in the baking industry. For me, IBIE means the chance to see old friends—and to make new ones. It’s the best place in the industry to meet with colleagues, share ideas, combat challenges and build new relationships.”

Robert Benton
Senior Vice President & Chief Manufacturing, Flowers Foods
IBIE Committee Member


You heard it straight from some of the biggest names in baking—whether you’re seeking expert insights on current issues and trends, the latest baking technologies and solutions or new connections with fellow industry professionals, IBIE 2019 is the place to be. Register now and join the entire grain-based food industry in Las Vegas to capitalize on opportunities you can’t find anywhere else. We look forward to seeing you in September!


Dating back to ancient times, bread has been a universal staple of life in every corner of the world—nourishing us, comforting us, and bringing us together. The unifying power of bread was especially apparent at iba in Munich, Germany last month, where visitors from 167 countries walked the show floor looking for the newest trends and technologies in baking. Since global growth is a key priority for IBIE (aka the International Baking Industry Exposition), the team expanded its footprint onsite, met with dozens of international partners, spotted trends, and spread the word about our 2019 event.

Iba is always held about one year in advance of IBIE, so it’s a great opportunity to touch base with international partners. For the first time, IBIE event producers arranged a roundtable discussion with the International Association of Plant Bakeries (AIBI), an association that represents 28 member countries across Europe. The group discussed common challenges, including consumption trends, zero waste initiatives and changes in the workforce. Members of the leadership teams will continue the dialogue at IBIE 2019 as they work together to advance the global grain-based foods industry.

IBIE also met with several of our international counterpart associations and media partners to solidify important agreements around both global marketing and education. Meetings were held against the backdrop of the newly upgraded IBIE Lounge, located within the U.S. Pavilion. IBIE’s presence also extended outside the Lounge as visitors could literally rise up the IBIE-branded stairs. They also donned IBIE-branded “Tyrolean” German hats at the iba Oktoberfest party. Lastly, IBIE shared some educational content from their world-renowned IBIEducate program at the iba SPEAKERS CORNER.

The show floor gave us a taste of what we might see at IBIE 2019. Digitization in baking was a key focus area, with applications including digital diagnostics, maintenance, scheduling, and performance and analytics tracking. Many exhibitors offered tools that allow for remote access, and there was also an increased emphasis on scaled artisan baking and in-booth hospitality. On the ingredients side, we’re likely to see offerings that help reduce sugar as well as more sophisticated fat and oil solutions.

Many exhibitors were already talking about their plans to unveil their new innovations at IBIE. If iba was any indication, IBIE is on track to be a resounding success.

Next stop: MOBAC, Feb. 20-23, 2018 in Tokyo Japan.

Jorge Zárate

Global Operations Director of Grupo Bimbo

A Rich History of Reinvestment

At its foundation, IBIE is committed to connecting and growing the global baking industry. And it all happens with your support, when you’re an attendee or exhibitor at the Baking Expo™. But the efforts to advance the industry extend far beyond those days we gather in Las Vegas. As the only non-profit event in the industry, IBIE’s executive committee is always working to serve the greater good. One way we do this is by reinvesting trade show profits through a variety of channels, resulting in widespread benefits. From our support of the Grain Foods Foundation’s consumer education efforts, to our financial aid for AIB’s workforce development initiatives, and our general commitment to improving food safety and sustainability, we’re giving the grain-based industry a heart. We’re helping people lead healthier lives. And we’re making a significant impact on the future of baking professionals. That’s something we can all take pride in.

Take a look at just a few of the ways IBIE has reinvested in the industry growth and success over the past decade.

Dave Watson
Secretary & Treasurer
IBIE 2019
Vice President, Engineering, Campbell Soup Company/Pepperidge FarmImpact Infographic

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A Smarter Approach to Fresh-Baked Ideas

As we plan our IBIE 2019 education program, I have been reflecting on IBIE 2016, the ideas and the speakers that made an impact on our global audience. I was thinking how even since then, the industry has changed. That’s why every three years, we put together a comprehensive program that spotlights the current trends, best practices and powerful innovations shaping the business of baking. As we release our IBIE 2019 Call for Proposals, I am excited to welcome this new wave of information, innovation and best practices that will impact the next 3 years. Our shared goal of growing, expanding and perfecting our work is critical to the entire industry’s success. And I am honored to continue to be part of this process as the IBIE Education Task Force Chair.

A big part of IBIEduate is the people. The innovative thinkers and their success stories provide a model for others. While attendees benefit from their ideas, the presenters also benefit from participating in The Baking Expo™’s highly regarded educational program. We often share feedback directly from people who have learned from the sessions—here’s some food for thought from the speakers’ perspectives.

Mike Terry

“As a speaker/instructor at IBIE, I was able to bring cutting-edge industry techniques to people from all over the world, to help them improve sales and profit. IBIE is the USA’s #1 baking industry show and truly a class act. I really enjoyed the opportunity to connect with everyone. It was rewarding to know that they’d be taking back what they learned to help their business grow. It was also a great way for me to make new contacts and give back to the industry that has given me so much.”

Chef Mike E. Terry—CMSA

John Lupo“I really enjoyed speaking at IBIE. It gave me the opportunity to give back to the industry I love. I was able to share many tips and tricks that I’ve learned in my 40 years in the bakery business. It feels good to share our knowledge with people that are new to baking as well as with those that have been friends for decades—and the international aspect of IBIE just can’t be matched anywhere else!”


John Lupo
Certified Master Baker
Grandma’s Bakery

Todd Hale

“IBIE enabled me to share Nielsen retail and consumer statistics with attendees to help them identify growth opportunities within the cookie and cracker categories via understanding category segments driving sales levels and/or sales growth, more impactful promotions, better pricing, connecting with shopper segments that matter, winning with health and wellness versus indulgence, and distribution in traditional retail channels or in e-commerce.”  

Todd R. Hale
Retail Insights Thought Leader
Principal, Todd Hale, LLC

The Baking Expo™ will yet again offer sessions relevant to your biggest challenges—and opportunities. And the program will kick off with a full day of education prior to the show so we can pack in more of this valuable content. Stay tuned for updates on the sessions covering the topics that matter most. The ones that will help you achieve better quality, greater efficiency and increased profit, while enjoying the work you love.

If you’re a thought leader, now’s the time to act. We’re seeking experts to present fresh, interesting and informative topics that cover every segment of baking, from retail and wholesale best practices to tortilla production, and product trends in snack food to popular pizza ingredients. But time is running out. Submit your proposal at by April 20, 2018, to be considered, and you can get the opportunity to promote your personal brand while moving the industry forward.

A Bigger Bite of the International Pie

For 2019, IBIE’s focus is about being bigger and better. Sure, we want to generate excitement around our growing global trade show, but this also reflects what’s happening currently. The international presence is on the rise with IBIE 2016’s attendees representing more than 100 countries and more than 30 percent of total attendance. We want to keep that momentum rolling.

How does IBIE make that happen? Well, as I’ve now passed the gavel of IBIE Chairman to Joe Turano, my next role allows me to personally get involved in our global expansion—as international task force chair I’ll be 100% focused on global growth.

Michael Cornelis at IBIE 2016

Our work next year is very exciting. In 2018, we have an international road show campaign taking us to top baking industry events in Latin America, Europe and Asia. By engaging more baking professionals from countries like Australia, Chile, Japan, France and the Netherlands, IBIE can bring global perspectives together and work as one to support our mission to advance the industry.

This strategy is rooted in hard statistics. Like the fact that with 40% market share, the European region is the largest in bakery products consumption. The insight that India, China, Brazil, Argentina and South Africa are the current attractive markets with large populations seeking ready-to-eat foods. And the knowledge that Asia Pacific is one to watch with opportunities through greater market penetration and rising per-capita income. The numbers add up to opportunities for industry growth everywhere.

And while we know the overarching push toward nutritious, convenient and indulgent options is present globally, so is the demand for unique spices, flavored baked foods and high-quality ingredients originating from regions around the world. There’s no better place to showcase, exchange and capitalize on these opportunities than on the global stage at IBIE.

As a committee, we’ve worked tirelessly to create the most diverse event as well. Historically the Baking Expo™ has been a home retail and wholesale bakers looking to find the exhibitors, education and events targeted to them. But we’ve carefully grown the event to be a place where producers of snacks, tortillas and pizza dough can develop their businesses with new contacts and fresh opportunities to expand their businesses.

In short, we’ve created the destination where everyone in baking wants to be, and we’re committed to helping more people from across the globe get to know the show and understand why they need to be there.

Our road show begins in April 2018 through July of 2019:

FHA: April 24-27, 2018 Singapore

Bakery China: May 9-12, 2018, Shanghai

Mexipan: August 2018, Mexico City

iba: September 15-20, 2018, Munich

Gulfood Manufacturing: November 6-8, 2018, Dubai

MOBAC: February 2019, Osaka

FIPAN: July 2019, Sao Paulo

If you’re attending any of these, I encourage you to drop by and say hello. Until then, join our social media channels now to find out more information.

I hope to see you on the road!

Michael Cornelis


Building on the record-breaking success of its 2016 event, the International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE), commonly known as the Baking Expo™ and North America’s largest baking industry event, was honored by Trade Show Executive (TSE) as one of the Fastest-Growing Shows in the publication’s Fastest 50 Awards.  IBIE 2016, held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, was the largest show in terms of show floor and exhibitors in IBIE’s history, with more than 1,000 exhibitors, up 28 percent from 2013, covering more than 700,000 square feet of exhibit space. Attendance in 2016 increased by 9 percent compared to 2013, with approximately 23,000 registered attendees from more than 100 countries looking for the latest ingredient, equipment, technology, packaging and supply solutions.

IBIE’s leadership provided an update on planning for its 2019 event, to be held once again at the Las Vegas Convention Center in September, and announced its new committee, dedicated to raising the bar. Leading the IBIE committee is new IBIE Chair, Joseph Turano, President of the Turano Baking Co. Turano holds a Bachelors degree from Cornell University and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Chicago. He has been President of Turano Baking Co. since 2013.

“It’s an honor to serve as Chair of IBIE 2019 with our committee focused on maintaining the record-breaking momentum from 2016,” said Turano. “It’s our goal to deliver continued value for exhibitors and attendees alike in 2019 and create a destination where everyone in baking wants to be. Thanks and credit go to past Chair Mike Cornelis for setting us up with a successful platform on which to build for 2019. Planning is already well-advanced for the next event, with the committee working aggressively to spotlight innovation, networking and ideas with expanded offerings.”

“Joe is steering the committee at an exciting time for IBIE,” said outgoing IBIE Chair Michael J. Cornelis. “He brings vast experience to the table and we can expect great things for IBIE 2019 as the committee builds on the growth we saw in 2016.”

In addition to naming Turano as Chair, the following executives were elected to IBIE officer positions: Dennis Gunnell, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Formost Fuji Corporation, who will step up as the IBIE Vice Chair, and Dave Watson, Vice President, Engineering, Campbell Soup Company/Pepperidge Farm, who will rise within the committee as the IBIE Secretary and Treasurer.

The committee also welcomed two new members: Timothy Ramsey, Vice President – Procurement, Product Development & Commercialization, Hearthside Food Solutions LLC, and Dale J. “D. J.” LeCrone, CEO and Owner, LeMatic, Inc. Ramsey, the committee’s representative from the American Bakers Association, has spent his entire career serving the food and beverage industry at global companies including Quaker Oats and PepsiCo. LeCrone, BEMA’s representative, has significant experience in the baking industry spanning more than four decades, and previously served on the board and committees for BEMA, the American Bakers Association and the American Society of Baking.

IBIE announced that two committee members have completed their terms: Richard Hoskins of Colborne Foodbotics and Howard R. Alton, III, Esq. of Pan-O-Gold Baking Company. The committee thanks them for their generous service and dedication to the growth of the event.

Returning IBIE Committee members include: Andrea Henderson, Vice President, Rondo, Inc.; Fred Springer, President, Burford Corporation; Jorge Zarate, Global Operation and Engineering SVP, Grupo Bimbo; Michael J. Cornelis, Vice President, American Pan – A Bundy Baking Solution; and Robert Benton, Senior Vice President and Chief Manufacturing Officer, Flowers Foods.

International Baking Industry Exposition Stages Largest Event in its History

IBIE recently wrapped up its largest show to date at the Las Vegas Convention Center with more than 1,000 exhibitors—340 new to IBIE and a 28 percent increase over 2013—in more than 700,000 sq. ft. of exhibit space. Attendance also continued its upward trend with more than 23,000 registered attendees—a 9 percent increase over 2013 and an astounding 65 percent increase over the last decade. Much of the growth has come from international markets with attendees hailing from more than 100 countries and making up 30 percent of the total attendance.

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Time to Start Getting Excited for IBIE 2016!

IBIE is one of my favorite weeks of the year—every day is packed with new and exciting experiences, and I’m continually amazed at how much the industry has evolved in the past three years since the last IBIE. It’s a thrill to see the most advanced industrial equipment up and running right on the show floor, and to check out the latest advances and trends across the entire industry, all at once. Plus the baking demos, catching up with old colleagues, building new relationships, meeting suppliers face-to-face—it’s business, education and entertainment all rolled into one. Invigorating, inspiring, energizing—and it reminds me of why I was drawn to the baking industry more than 25 years ago.

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IBIE 2016—Better than Ever!

If you attended IBIE 2013, thank you for helping make the event an incredible success! It garnered a Gold 100 ranking from Trade Show Executive Magazine. So for 2016, we didn’t want to sit back and wait for the results—instead, we vowed to make the show even better! We listened to your feedback and added more of what you hope to see and do. This IBIE 2016 will feature even more engaging and interactive experiences for both attendees and exhibitors, along with new programs that better facilitate networking, hands-on learning and inspired ideas.

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Las Vegas: Your Destination for Business and Entertainment

With its luxury resorts and boutique shopping to big-name performers and hit shows, Las Vegas is an ideal destination for shows like IBIE. By planning ahead, you can get business done and still make time to enjoy endless attractions and entertainment designed to suit every taste and budget. Visit to explore all of the events and attractions Las Vegas offers. Plus, the Las Vegas Monorail offers exclusive discounts for IBIE 2016 attendees so you can get around town easily and affordably. Learn more at

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