IBIE 2025 - The Baking Expo™️

IBIE 2025 – The Baking Expo™️

World Bread Awards USA 2024

Calling all bakers! The IBIE World Bread Awards USA, the nation’s most prestigious bread competition, is back for 2024. With 15 award categories, including baguettes, bagels, and sourdough, there’s a place for every type of bread creation. Additionally, they compete for specialty awards like the Showstopper (Savory or Sweet), Home Baker, and the Student Baker. 

This is your chance to be judged by an esteemed panel, including past winners, members of the Bread Bakers Guild of America, Retail Bakers of America and American Bakers Association, among other industry legends. Win a grand prize of $1,000 and gain invaluable recognition. So, dust off your recipes, dig out your mixing bowls, and don your aprons – the competition is now open! Read on to learn more about entering the competition and be sure to apply by Monday, September 30th, 2024. The competition will take place in Chicago, IL in October 7-8, 2024.

The IBIE World Bread Awards USA 2024 will recognize bakers from the following fifteen categories: 

  1. Sourdough: Naturally leavened with a sourdough starter, no added yeast. Fermentation comes from creating/utilizing a natural sourdough starter/culture. No additional inclusions (fruits, nuts, etc.) may be added to the entries. The addition of commercial yeast is strictly forbidden. 
  2. Ciabatta: A rustic & crusty free-form Italian loaf with an open crumb structure. It may or may not include oil. 
  3. Gluten Free: Bread of any variety but must be made with gluten-free flour and be free of inclusions. 
  4. Baguette: Bread baked into a long, narrow loaf. A traditional French baguette has a crispy brown crust and a light, chewy interior. 
  5. Bagel: A ring of yeasted wheat dough, with a brown exterior and chewy interior. A ring of yeasted wheat dough made by boiling it and then baking, with a brown exterior and chewy interior  
  6. Showstopper Specialty – Sweet: An open category for you to show us your own unique sweet creations! 
  7. Showstopper Specialty – Savory: An open category for you to show us your own savory based favorites! 
  8. Challah: Traditional Jewish enriched plaited loaf, made with eggs and oil. No inclusions. Use a four or six strand braiding technique.  
  9. Wholewheat/Whole Meal: Brown bread made from wholegrain flour with no inclusions. 75% must be wholegrain to qualify. 
  10. Pretzel: Baked bread, both hard and soft-baked pretzels, must be lye-dipped. 
  11. Burger Bun: A bun made specifically for a burger patty, so that when it is cut in half, it carries the burger. It may be of any type, plain or flavored. 
  12. Flatbread: Breads and crackers made from unleavened (non-yeasted) dough, including tortillas, m’smen, chapati, tortilla, etc. 
  13. Local Grains Loaf: Lean bread of any variety using at least 50% grain grown and milled within 500 miles of Chicago (no inclusions allowed).
  14. Student Baker: Show us what you got – hone your baking skills and enter as a student for a tailored category to help the future generation of bakers. Entrants to this category must be currently enrolled student in a primary or higher learning institution. Rules of Entry and the use of bread machines is not permitted nor is the use of inclusions. Note: The winner of the student-baker category is not eligible for the overall title of IBIE World Bread Awards crafted by RBA and BBGA. 
  15. Home Baker: Brown or white, fruit or plain, whatever takes your fancy. Entrants to this category must be considered amateur bakers according to the Rules of Entry and the use of bread machines is not permitted nor the use of inclusions. Note: The winner of the Home-Baker category is not eligible for the overall title of IBIE World Bread Awards crafted by RBA and BBGA. 

Showcase your bread-making skills alongside your peers and gain recognition from industry experts. Not only will winners receive category trophies and a chance at the grand prize, but all winners will also be celebrated in our PR campaign and across web and social media platforms, bringing you and your bread the acclaim you deserve. 

It’s not only our Category Winners who benefit from entering. With every loaf judged on its own merits against set criteria, you could gain invaluable industry acclaim by scooping our prestigious gold, silver or bronze awards. 

For details on the entry process and to ensure your eligibility, please review our comprehensive Rules of Entry

  1. Select categories to compete in 
  2. Review our Terms of Entry
  3. Complete your Entry Form online and submit the entry fee
  4. Bake, package, label and ship your entries
  5. Join us in Chicago, IL on October 7, 2024, for hands-on and seminar classes geared to the professional baker as well as the awards ceremony brunch on October 8, 2024.

We recommend making hotel reservations at:
Hyatt Place Chicago – South/University Medical Center
5225 S. Harper Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, 60615

Classes, the competition and awards ceremony are hosted at:
Washburne Culinary & Hospitality Institute
740 W 63rd Street, Chicago, IL 60621

An entry confirmation email will be sent to the email address provided on your World Bread Awards USA application. Please ensure [email protected] is added to your safe sender list. 

All required paperwork and packaging instructions will be emailed to you once the application period closes. 

The deadline for entries is Monday, September 30, 2024.  

Your first entry includes one complimentary ticket to the VIP Awards Brunch. Additional tickets for the brunch, bakery tours and courses are available for an extra fee. 

A unique set of awards which not only celebrate the skill of bread-making at its most diverse and inspiring, but also seek to encourage and foster the art of baking both now and for the future generation.

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